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The Only Diet Designed Specifically For Women Over 50

After menopause, a woman's metabolism can go down 10 to 20 percent each decade, and diets that used to work well may have stopped working. Join PLATE where the program is designed to fit what your body needs. You don't even have to track calories. With our meal planner and recommended portion sizes, you'll stay within the calorie range to help you lose weight slowly and maintain muscle mass as part of a healthy lifestyle. Stop trying to lose weight on your own. Join PLATE today and schedule a session with your private coach to help you lose the weight, once and for all.

$39.00 / Month $89.00 / 3 Months $129.00 / 6 Months 

What is PLATE?

PLATE is a weight management program designed specifically for women over 50. The program was developed in collaboration with Dr. Kathryn Waldrep, practicing OB-Gyn, with 35 years of experience…

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How It Works

There are two key components to this program: portion sizes (determined for you in the meal plan) and reducing your eating window (a form of intermittent fasting). The guidelines include specific needs for our age group that...

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I really appreciate the support of the other women in my group. I’ve dusted off my Fibit and I’m getting my ten thousand steps in!

Donna E.

I have been doing the intermittent fasting and I am surprised at how decreased my appetite is. Love it!

Grace H.

I’m not just changing what I eat and how much, I’m changing my lifestyle.

Jacqueline C.

Down 12 pounds since start of pandemic! Walking 2-3 miles a day and using online fitness programs. Also able to control portions and content by not eating out!!

Millie B

I’ve kept the weight off (15 lbs.), and that’s more than I can say about any diet I have ever been on.

Peggy J

Eating between the hours of 9 to 5 was a game changer. To me PLATE is not a diet; it really is a new way of eating.

Phyllis F

I immediately decided that I would try this system because I know and respect Dr. Waldrep. I have found it remarkably easy to follow. It’s actually effortless.

Ruth F

I never thought I would see 130 on my scale ever again. Now I am trying to make better food choices so I can stay between 130 and 132 and perhaps drop into the 120’s!

Susan N.

I just want to say that I am LOVING the simplicity of this plan. br / I love that I am not constantly thinking about what I am going to eat next and that I am not spending hours in the kitchen. AND it seems to be working,

Teresa M.

I’m a wine and travel writer, so the wine substitute option was particularly important to me. I really do believe results are key, and over the last two months I have lost 5lbs and had my wine!

Trisha C.