When you embark on a new weight loss program, you want to see results. And while PLATE is a new program, we do have a few women who have tried the program and have shared their comments below. As the program grows, we will be adding more testimonials, hopefully yours!

Real food and real results. I ate what I wanted, just less of it and I lost 12 pounds in 10 weeks.

– Peggy J.

Most of us are pretty educated about what to eat. It’s about maintaining the program over time and that’s where the interaction with a group encouraging one another can help keep you on the path.

– Tanis C.

I’m not just changing what I eat and how much, I’m changing my lifestyle.

– Jacqueline C.

I really appreciate the support of the other women in my group. I’ve dusted off my Fibit and I’m getting my ten thousand steps in!

– Donna E.


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