How it works | Prime Women Plate | A Weight Management Program for Women

How it Works

Welcome to Prime Women’s weight management program.

We appreciate your interest in learning more about PLATE. There are two key components to this program: portion sizes (determined for you in the meal plan) and reducing your eating window (a form of intermittent fasting). If you will embrace those two components from the beginning, healthy eating will follow.

Since this eating program was designed specifically for women near or over 50, the guidelines include specific needs for our age group that are not a part of many other eating programs, such as:

  • additional protein and calcium;
  • reduced calories due to hormone changes
    and aging;
  • dairy alternatives as many women become lactose intolerant as they age.

This is not a program that requires you to track calories. If you keep your portion sizes as recommended, you will stay within the correct calorie range that will help you lose weight slowly, yet maintain muscle mass. We provide specific guidelines around what we recommend you eat for optimum health and the proper portion sizes. The daily meal planner does all the work for you. PLATE is a program you can follow with very little effort on the part of the member. We make it easy!


Prime Women’s NEW weight management program designed exclusively for women over 50. Ready to put Food in its place? Say ‘Hello’ to Plate!